About us


A church in Selston; a group of people; an expression of God's love. The church can probably be best described as a family. And like any family this one involves lots of different kinds of people. The church family includes people of all ages and backgrounds all with one thing in common; a desire to get to know God. 


We are not perfect and don't try or pretend to be. Nor do we think that we have all the answers. But we are seeking to live our lives supporting each other. This means, like any good family, staying together through the ups and downs of life and being there to share in the laughter and smiles as well as the tears and sorrows. 


We are a part of the Fellowship of Churches of Christ in Great Britain and Ireland. This network of churches began life over 180 years ago and currently spreads to over 120 nations all over the world. The Selston church began around 120 years ago with a group of people meeting in a home on Annesley Lane. They built the current church building in 1899 and many have called this site their spiritual home ever since. 


What ever kind of person you consider yourself, you will find a warm welcome, uplifting worship, the Bible preached and everyone accepted at the church. Please feel free to call in during any service or event or get in touch via the 'visit us' page.