Church is about so much more than just what happens on a Sunday morning. In fact, as we only meet for around 90 minutes on Sundays, it's tiny a percentage of church life. This page highlights some of the other activities that take place in the church building through the week - for more information, please get in touch.
A place to grow

It is impossible to form real friendships during a short weekly church service. It is also sometimes difficult to talk, discuss and share thoughts in this setting.

Because of this we have, currently, two growth groups. One meets on a Monday evening and a second on a Tuesday evening.

These are opportunities to chat, laugh, discuss and together think about life, the Bible and different situation.

Anyone is invited to join in and we hope find a place to relax with friends.

We love family

Because of our love of family, we love children. With this in mind our services are completely suitable for you to bring along your children. Every Sunday morning service includes Junior Church. During the preaching element of the service, which younger children may find dull, the Junior Church go out into the backroom to learn and have fun together. 


We encourage the children to be involved in every other part of our time together in church. We want your family to feel relaxed and at home. And for your children to know this place as their church.