New to all this?

If you haven't visited our church before, you probably have lots of questions and may be unsure of what to expect (and what may be expected of you) when you walk through the door.

To try and help with some of those questions and concerns please take a read through these FAQs. If you have any further questions, comments or worries, please do not hesitate to contact us via the details given on the contact page.


What time should I arrive?
The church service begins every Sunday at 10:30. The building is normally open from 10:00 and we suggest that you aim to arrive by at least 10:20 purely so that you can find a seat and get comfortable. Please do not worry though if you are a few minutes late; no-one will call attention to you or tell you off if the service has already started. Please come in and make yourself at home.

How should I dress?
Unlike the impression that you may have of church, there is no dress code at all. Some people choose to 'dress-up' wearing a shirt and tie or their 'Sunday best' clothes. Others feel more relaxed in jeans and T-shirts. Please come along in whatever you feel comfortable wearing.

Will I be asked for any money?
The service usually includes a collection where a plate is passed around for those who wish to give. But you are definitely NOT required to bring or give any money at all. Please relax and simply let the plate pass you by - you WILL NOT be personally asked for any money at all.

Am I the right age?
Yes - Everybody of any age is welcome and we try to make services suitable for people of all ages.

Is church accessible for people with disabilities?
Yes - We have a ramp at the front and rear doors and have disabled toilet facilities as well as a hearing aid loop. If you require any help or further information, please ask any time.

Can I visit this church if I've previously been a member of a different church or denomination?
Yes - No problem at all, everyone is welcome.

Can I bring my children?
We would love for you to bring your whole family. During the Sunday service we hold Junior Church. Here your children will be invited to do their own activities during the preaching section of the service, alternatively they are equally welcome to sit with you throughout the whole service if that is more comfortable.

What if my children or baby make noise during the service?
Please do not worry - we love to have children in church and have no problem with any of their contributions. We do have a small 'quiet room' just off of the main church hall which is available if you wish to have a little private time with your baby or child.

What kind of music do you use?
We enjoying singing at Selston and do so accompanied by recorded music, as we don't currently have any musicians. Our songs range from modern 'Hillsong style' praise and worship to traditional hymns. So on any given Sunday you may hear drums and electric guitars (and maybe even a few people clapping) as well as Amazing Grace and organ music. We no longer use hymn books, preferring to read from the screen at the front of the church building.

What will I have to do?
This is one of the most common question and worries; "what will be expected of me?" The answer in simple; "nothing."

A typical service includes singing a few songs, a time of prayer, sharing communion (bread and wine) and hearing a message from the Bible. All of these are optional and you will never be forced to take part in any section. 

We would love for you to join us one Sunday, please come along, relax and see if our way of 'doing church' feels comfortable for you.