• Jo Clinch

Sunday 14th April Humble transportation

Mark 11:1-11 “Jesus entered Jerusalem and went into the temple courts” Reflect: It only seems like five minutes ago since we was celebrating last Easter. Twelve months have passed, and we begin this emotional journey once again. Using the devotions on the back page, if you wish, we can walk through this amazing week again. What I find amazing is that this was all pre-planned. That Jesus knew everything that was ahead. Luke 9:51 reminds us that Jesus set out for Jerusalem with purpose. He was focused on the mission. As we try to walk slowly through the steps of this amazing week, remember that God was always in control. On the first Palm Sunday, the crowds responded with their “hosannas”. They waved branches and laid them and their cloaks at the feet of a humble donkey. But only one there knew what the destination would bring. Not the colt, not the Disciples, no-one in the crowd. But the Messiah did, and yet volunteered to complete the journey. Respond: As stated on the front page, we can take comfort from knowing that God is always in control. That he does not send the pain of life but can work though it. On this first day of the Easter story all focus was on Jesus. As it should be today too. I was very moved a few weeks ago by the hymn “turn your eyes upon Jesus”. I love the line “the things of the world grow strangely dim in the light of his glory and grace. Whichever point of the Easter message speaks loudest to you, focus on Jesus. Whatever is happening in your today, focus on Jesus

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