• Jo Clinch

Sunday 21st April A big old stone

Mark 16:1-8 “they saw that the stone, which was very large, had been rolled away” Reflect: Mark records that very early in the morning the two Marys and Salome walked towards the tomb where Jesus had been laid. A lot had changed in the last week for this group of friends. I guess that their week had faced so many emotions. Some of which we have too through our readings and services. As they walked up the hill they only had one topic of conversation. Their only question was “who will roll away the stone?” A big stone: In our lives we come up against many obstacles. There is always a big stone ahead. That may be a work stone, a family stone, a stone of illness or a stone in the way of friendships. And so often we look at this impossible to move boulder without recognising that it may already be rolled away before we arrive up the hill. Respond: Today is a great day of victory. I’m sure that our service will be lively, upbeat and have a mood of celebration. And it should be so. Today we remember and give thanks that our God has overcome every obstacle, even death. He paid the price and is victorious, enthroned on high. In your today, you may still see the stone and obstacles. Please remember that the Saviour has defeated your rock and is able to roll away anything you face. Hallelujah!


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