• Jo Clinch

Sunday 28th April Jesus stood among them

Luke 24:3649 “Why are you troubled, and why do doubts rise in your minds?” Reflect: Following the reports of resurrection, and Jesus’ body having vanished there was a lot of confusion. Jesus’ friends must have been filled with a mix of hope, joy, fear and worry. Whilst they hoped that all of this was true, they would have equally been anxious that they could be wrong. This is perhaps a good reason that the first words from the risen Messiah where “peace be with you”. Similar to last weeks reflection, of seeing God over the stone, Jesus sought to bring peace and remove troubles for his friends. This revelation didn’t remove every trouble. They still faced persecution. Each Disciple would face trials and most imprisonment and great pain. But beyond all this, they now had a firm confirmation. They knew, as can we, that Christ was real; the true Saviour; he had defeated every enemy. This truth was enough to carry these few men forward. Enough to give them conviction to spread the gospel truth around the world. Respond: We no longer see Jesus face to face today. We can meet with him in worship and prayer. Jesus still reveals himself through Bible study, devotion and through the church. These ways of meeting Christ, most tangibly through the joy of connecting with the Holy Spirit, are what strengthen us today. Jesus still stands amongst us in our worship and in our lives. This perhaps does not remove every trouble, but brings us great peace and joy. Please take time this week to seek to Jesus.

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